MSO-HNS Newsletter Volume 8

Issue 1 - May 2015

Message from the President

Greetings to my fellow colleagues and friends in the ENT fraternity near and far. After almost a decade of serving the society in various capacities, it is indeed an honour to have been elected to serve you as the 36th President of the Malaysian Society of Otorhinolaryngologists Head and Neck Surgeons (MSO-HNS).
It is with with great pride and pleasure, that i have witnessed the growth of our society, over the 35 years of it’s existence. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the pioneer members of our society to have had the foresight to start this body with a handful of surgeons and with their hard work and dedication, set the benchmark for the future generations who have taken this small organisation and made it into a reputable and the single most important body repre-senting the ENT fraternity in Malaysia today. I strongly believe that the success or failure of a society is entirely dependant on its members. I quote former US President John F. Kennedy’s words, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” With these words I sincerely wish the younger surgeons take the challenge of keeping up and building on the successes our predecessors have set.
2015 is turning out to be a challenging year for Malaysia. The political scenario, economic crisis, financial scandals, the pharmaceutical industry with their Pharma Code of Ethics and not forgetting GST, in some way or other will impact the future activities of our society. Even with these challenges, I am sure with our hard work and enthusiasm, we will carry on and bring the best to our members.
Here are some of the planned events for the year 2015 and 2016.
  • Annual ENT Health Camp
  • Annual Society Retreat
  • ASIAN Research Symposium in Rhinology (ARSR) together with our Annual In-ternational Meeting and AGM (26 to 28 May 2016). There are a few surprises lined up for this meeting so please mark your dates as there will be something to cater to everyone’s taste.
  • A country wide primary care workshop.
  • Seminar to address the new fee schedule and issues pertaining to MCOs’ and insurance companies
  • Setting up of permanent sub-committees lime the Fee Schedule Committee
  • Proposed formation of the College of Otorhinolaryngologists Head and Neck Surgeons / separate Chapter of ENT under the auspices of the College of Surgeons
Over the last two years we have built bridges with the Ministry of Health and the College of Surgeons under the Academy of Medicine. I believe we are looking at a future that has to be in keeping with the growth and development of the country. Our fraternity is getting bigger and the scope of subspecialty is in ever growing demand. May be the time has come for us to think about moving in a different direction or taking a new steps to be relevant as a strong and united body of Otorhinolaryngologists Head and Neck Surgeons in the country.
I look forward to serving you along with my executive council members to bring you a year full of exciting activities but this will only succeed if you the members take an active role in playing your part to support us in our activities. Once again, I urge all members to stand united and work hard to take our society to even greater heights both regionally and internationally.
Dr Jeevanan Jahendran
MSO HNS 2015 – 2016

Inside This Issue
– Message from the President
– Message by the Outgoing President
– 4th Northern Region ENT Meeting 2014
– Preamble-Step Programme Introduction
– The 9th Laryngology and Phonosurgery Workshop
– The 1st Masterclass Head & Neck Course
– Vertigo & Tinnitus Clinic in HUSM: Fulfilling a Need
– Cakna Kesihatan Telinga, Hidung & Tekak – A Day in Kandis, Bachok
– USM International FESS Course and Workshop
– A Cyclist Legacy for Penang

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