Beginning of a new era with the successful formation of the College of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Academy of Medicine

29 March 2022

Dear Esteemed Members of MSOHNS

We have great news! Our journey to having our very own Otorhinolaryngology, Head
and Neck Surgery College in the Academy of Medicine (AMM) has come to fruition. Our
endeavor has finally paid off after much sweat and blood.
So, what does this mean?

Quoting the Subcommittee for ORLHNS College who has been working on this transition,
the formation of the College of ORLHNS is to facilitate the growth and expansion of the
specialty which has developed primarily from simple disorders of the ears, nose and
throat to now include new areas like neurotology, lateral and anterior skull base,
paediatric otorhinolaryngology, sleep and breathing disorders and vestibular medicine
to name a few. With the formation of the College of ORLHNS, in years to come we shall
hope to form subspecialty chapters of our own.

Given that we are expanding with regards to education in both the postgraduate and
subspecialty training, the College of ORLHNS will also be a useful platform to coordinate
the various activities in the given areas of our specialty and bring about cooperation
between public and private institutions. In areas of research, at present, the MSOHNS is
already awarding grants for this purpose. Under a single entity within the AMM, we
hope to take this to greater heights.

Finally, we would like to thank all the members who have given us the mandate to form
the College of ORLHNS during the 2015 AGM and the preparedness to dissolve the
Society once the College is established. This is to enable a single entity in the form of
the College of ORLHNS to serve the fraternity.

We are now encouraging all members of MSOHNS to be part of AMM. This is to ensure
that your rights and opinions as part of the fraternity are heard and championed. For
those who have joined the AMM, prior or after the formation of the ORL Chapter, will
automatically be members of the ORLHNS College and continue to enjoy the benefits
previously provided by the MSOHNS. Unfortunately, for those who have not joined
AMM, you will no longer be part of the fraternity after MSOHNS is disbanded which will
take place with the formation of ORLHNS College.

As for now, there is a special offer for Life MSOHNS Members where there is a rebate of
RM6 50 for the application of Life Member with the AMM. Kindly email the MSOHNS
Secretariat when you are joining the AMM to ensure your rebate goes through.

We have always stood together as one and the members and general body have made it
very clear that we will only be under one umbrella body. Today is the day and we hope
to see you all on the other side.

With warm regards,

Dr Ahmad Nordin
Chairperson of ORL Chapter, College of Surgeons
President of MSOHNS

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